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BocAutoCompleteReferenceValue always selects the item at index 0 after receiving data


The function receiveData in BocAutoCompleteReferenceValue.jquery.js selects the first item in the result list, even if this item does not contain the entered string. This can lead to inconsistencies in a specific scenario:

Our fulltext search service ignores characters which are not letters or digits. So if you enter any other character, it will return the unfiltered result set.

  • If you enter any other character, the result popup will open and select the first entry.

  • If you delete the character and enter it again while the popup is still displayed, the first entry containing the character is selected.

  • If you repeat the last step, sometimes the list will be reloaded and the first item in the list will be selected again.

  • If you enter an other character, the list will also be reloaded and the first will be selected again.

The selection should behave consistently and always select the first matching item.

The behavior differs from "all entries starting with" and "all entries containing" in the event that the entered character can be found within the result set.


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