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Right textbox border cutoff since Chrome v83


Chrome's border changed to 2px thickness. The height is auto-compensated due to 1px less vertical padding on both sides set by Chrome itself, the width is not compensated.

Textbox layout in Chrome:

Textbox layout in Firefox:

To fix the styling issue, the textbox width must be decreased by 2px. Alternatively, the horizontal padding could be decreased by 1px on both sides.

Alignment diff with the padding fix (Chrome 80 vs 83):

Since the last chrome update the right border of textboxes is cutoff in chrome. Other browser are fine.

Affected Chromium version: v83
Not affected Chromium version: v80

The rootcause for this issue is the change in the focus outline introduced with Chromium v83.

For re-motion 1.20, this will possibly only be fixed in BocTextValue. BocDateTimeValue and BocAutoCompleteReferenceValue only show a slighly mis-aligned border on the right. Depending on the effort and layout impact, a change for BocDateTimeValue and BocAutoCompleteReferenceValue might not be sensible for the backport.

Note that the change will require updates to the reference screenshot in the tests and a browser-switch based on chromium ("webkit"). This change will also cause a regression for Chrome versions before v83 because the text field will become shorter.


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