under the hood of re-motion mixins -- front matter, hand-waving

The following wiki pages explain how classes and composites are constructed for mixing. The author is not particularly fond of UML, but has decided to use it anyway. Reasons:

  • simple things are simple in UML
  • we need only simple illustrations here
  • for these simple things, even UML should be vaguely intuitive
  • people who know UML might appreciate it; people who don't won't care

The author is aware of a few violations of the UML standard:

  • method names have "()" attached to them, whereas property names have not (UML uses '+' for that)
  • has-a relations might be drawn wrong, but there are conflicting specifications in the author's three UML books and wikipedia

What's more, naming of methods and classes in the text is different from that used in the drawings – for brevity in those small boxes. re-motion mixins' generated classes have a GUID in them, and a qualifier like Mixed, Mixin or BaseCallProxy.

In some drawings, these qualifiers are left out; for the GUID part, the placeholder SOM3GUID is used.

The author did not use Visio for the class diagrams, because Visio

  • is a lot of work to use
  • has its own opinions on layout
  • has very little sensuality when compared to drawing with a fountain pen

We hope that the drawings will serve their purpose and aid understanding despite these compromises.