PhoneBook tutorial

The PhoneBook tutorial (a.k.a. "the illustrated primer") demonstrates how to build a simple re-motion application and discusses important re-motion concepts. The PhoneBook tutorial can be downloaded here (PDF)

Warning: The PhoneBook tutorial has not been updated since 2010!

The PhoneBook tutorial revolves around a simple domain for managing contact information:

  • Person objects can have multiple PhoneNumber objects
  • Person objects can have an address, i.e. point to a Location object

Thus you can manage people, their addresses and their phone-numbers.

The PhoneBook tutorial covers the three main re-motion components re-store, re-form and re-call – in this order. Each component is explained with sample code, basics and links to material like O/R-mapping, patterns and ASP.NET 2.0 are provided.

The application you will end up with after completing the PhoneBook tutorial is the PhoneBook web application. A running version exists on this website: FIXME It's called the online PhoneBook.

If you are an experienced .NET and ASP.NET programmer, you might not need the PhoneBook tutorial. This wiki and some brief hints might be sufficient to get you up to speed with re-motion quickly. Some sections have been copied from the PhoneBook tutorial, though.

The PhoneBook tutorial is the text-book for class-room training and very detailed. It is a very gentle introduction to re-motion, but browsing and searching this wiki might be more productive if you are interested only in certain aspects of re-motion. This wiki uses PhoneBook examples as well, so it is helpful to have at least a passing familiarity with it.