Creating a thumbnail gallery

Images look very effective when included within Confluence. Confluence allows you to easily display images as thumbnails, i.e. miniature images. .

Including single images and displaying them as thumbnails

When you insert an image onto a page, you can choose to display it as a thumbnail.

Once the image has been inserted, here is what the Wiki Markup looks like:


 ... and here is what the thumbnail image looks like:

The thumbnail displays a smaller version than would otherwise be presented if we showed the whole image. Try clicking the image to see the full size.

Using the 'gallery' macro

The Confluence 'gallery' macro allows you to display a gallery of thumbnails. It is very simple to use and automatically presents all images attached to a page, in a tabular format. For example, this code:

{gallery:title=Atlassian T-shirts}

gives this:

(tick) Try clicking one of the images above. It will open a slide show where you can browse through the pictures.

You can read more about the 'gallery' macro in the documentation.