re-motion in a nut-shell

  • DDD Framework for .NET Web Applications
  • powerful components for data entry and data storage
  • two modern technologies to increate the .NET development experience.
  • open source
a framework made by excellent developers for excellent developers
  • Control to the source: Don't mess around with designers, everything can be done faster in the source
  • Do not waste your time with marketing based boasting off material, jump into practice. Try out our ten-minutes-solution hands on lab. All you need are the binaries and Visual Studio 2010.
DDD Framework
  • "A Developer shall concentrate on domain logic, not on supplemental implementations"
  • Focus on domain classes: CRUD operations to database are provided with re-store, the re-motion O/R mapper
  • Focus on domain classes: your GUI controls are generated based on the properties and attributes of your domain classes. You win a lot of time, by not having to struggle with a designer
  • Focus on domain classes: add re-strict, the security provider, to your code.
  • re-motion components - one page summary for components and technologies.
  • re-store: domain objects can be persisted to a database by this O/R mapper
  • re-form: web forms can be generated from domain objects. Values of controls are bound to domain objects. Contains also a concept for transactional navigation from page to page (re-call).
  • re-linq: boost your queries with this high performance linq provider
  • re-mix: use mixins instead of complex oop inheritance hierarchies
Open source

Getting started

  • For the impatient: Go the re-motion components page and download the Hands on Labs
  • For the researcher: Read the PhoneBook tutorial. Other as its name might expect, you will have 200+ pages full of technical documentation.
  • For the experienced developer - Fill the missing links with the Glossary or Tech Notes