Using the re-motion wiki

About this wiki

This wiki is an Atlassian Confluence wiki, with a free license Atlassian gives to open source projects.

Be nice
  • Decent behavior, please. Even when using a pseudonym, don't write anything you would not write in an e-mail to colleagues at the company. Offending content will be towed.
  • Links that elucidate complicated matters are welcome. (It's a wiki!) Spam is not welcome.
Be competent and forgiving
  • Text is more important than formatting, but the pool attendant or volunteers who want to help him might improve on the latter if the former is right. This includes shuffling pages or rearranging paragraphs. Don't take an offense if your contribution ends up somewhere else or gets edited. (It's a wiki!)
  • If you are new to confluence (this wiki), make your first etudes in the sandbox

Getting help

The documentation for Atlassian's Confluence is excellent. You can get help here.