PhoneBook.Domain -- learn to declare domain object classes

There is one file for each domain object class:

  • Location.cs
  • Person.cs
  • PhoneNumber.cs

What's more, we have Country.cs is with enums for countries used by the Location class.

The role of the following files is not explained in this walk-through, this sample code is related to re-store's Query manager, which has become an
arcane topic since the introduction of re-linq:

  • queries.xml
  • QueryManLocation.cs
  • QueryManPerson.cs

The role of the Globalization folder is explained on page FIXME.

Note that each domain class is derived from BindableDomainObject. In the PhoneBook tutorial, the domain classes are derived from DomainObject
at first, but later this is amended to BindableDomainObject. The reason is this. The DomainObject class implements all of re-store's piping for persistence, relation automation, etc. BindableDomainObject-s can do all that, but also know how to talk to the GUI in a re-motion web application. The difference between DomainObject and BindableDomainObject is explained here: bindable domain object. For the next few sections you won't need this digression, however. Just remember that DomainObject embodies all the nice re-store features we are about to discuss.

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